Peter 'Pikey' Butler - 1st Tenor

A professional singer and musician since his early twenties, Peter John Butler is also known as “Pikey” Butler, the nickname bestowed (like it or not) by UK’s premier doo-wop rhythm ’n blues outfit “Darts.” Peter spent several years singing and writing for Darts in the 1980’s and all nine group members still get together for a few storming concerts once or twice a year. Before Darts there were stints as bass player and singer with The Realists, The Electric Bluebirds etc. lead vocals on a soul-disco album  “Seventh Avenue”  with producer Ian Levine for the US market, + plenty of live rock, soul, jazz-rock, afro-rock & reggae.  

Later in the UK and Ireland, Peter incarnated Buddy Holly in the musical “Buddy Holly At The Regal” for which he was also musical director. He was chosen for this show thanks to Darts’ year long run in the Leiber & Stoller R&R musical “Yakety Yak,” the first of its kind on London’s West End stage. Peter has also acted as producer and arranger for an all-girl six piece a cappella sensation, “The Mint Juleps”.  

Now residing in Brittany, he has been dedicated to improving his musical skills on vocals, double bass and bass guitar, mostly in the jazz field but always with a soul-blues-gospel influence.  Eleven CD’s and 30 years, Peter says “I’m still learning!”

Bryan Cox - 2nd Tenor

Bryan Cox started playing in bands while at college in Bristol UK during the punk days of the late 1970s. Years of touring followed, playing a lively blend of blues and Stax soul at venues such as London's Marquee club and in front of the crowds of the Glastonbury festival, with appearances on national and local TV shows. During his later years before moving to Brittany he played in country blues band Los Yanquis, who some may have seen at Finistere's Fest Jazz in 2017. The move to Brittany in 2013 brought a new phase in every aspect of life including music, and he formed the band The Piranha Brothers with old friend Rich Bloom and local musicians, singing lead vocal instead of harmony for the first time in his career, and even singing with the local choir for a time. The invitation to join such respected singers as Clark Eide and Pikey Butler to form the Chromatics provided the chance to indulge his old love of the style known as Doo-Wop, and he hopes he does it justice! 




Richard Bloom - Baritone 

Richard's greatest influences growing up were The Beatles, Stevie Wonder and Jimi Hendrix, as well as all the rock bands of the 70s. In his teenage years he played and sang in groups and had many musical adventures all over Europe until he eventually became a full time professional musician touring the South-West of England. He played with Bristol based, Rival Attraction (a bunch of fantastic musicians playing Funk, Blues and Modern Jazz) for nearly 25 years, but left to move to Brittany in 2013. 

Since moving here he has sung with the local choir and formed a group with two French musicians called "The Piranha Brothers" playing Blues and Rock; but, with a love of singing harmony was persuaded by Clark Eide and Pikey Butler, both fantastic singers in their own right, to join and sing with "The Chromatics". As well as playing electric and acoustic guitar and keyboards he also produces, arranges and records music.

Clark Eide - Bass 

Clark has been all over the place in his singing career. He started by touring all over the USA and Europe with the University of Notre Dame Glee Club and the Saint Mary’s Collegiate Choir. When he finally graduated(!) He went on to sing in larger groups like The Omaha Symphonic Chorus, conducted by Craig Jessop, future director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

A lover of a cappella singing, he then founded and performed with the for many years, known as “America’s Doo-Wop Sensation.” During that time, Clark and his group performed with a number of oldies bands including Gary Lewis & the Playboys, The Turtles, the Grass Roots, Frankie Avalon, The Diamonds and the Little River Band, among others, and were "Pick of the Day" by The Scotsman for their fifteen night show at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. They were featured on national television on the shopping network QVC, where they sold 2500 CD's in just six minutes. Now Clark also finds time to write books (, releasing the second of his novels on Amazon this April, in addition to voice over work. 

But, as he says, "What could be better than to come back to a cappella quartet singing with a great group of guys here in Brittany?! The Chromatics!"